GW6NINI Gas hob

Gas hob GW6NINI

Gas hob Dimensions (W×H×D): 58 × 10.6 × 51 cm Protected gas burners


Icon - Cast iron grid

Cast iron grid

Easy on the eye and rock solid.
Cast iron grid will improve the stability and enhance the appearance of the gas hob. The material used for the grid makes it extra durable and resistant to even the highest temperatures, for years of care-free use.
Icon - Single-handed gas burner ignition

Single-handed gas burner ignition

Simple and convenient.
Single-handed gas burner ignition is another feature that leads to extra comfort and easy control. To activate the gas burner, just press the knob and rotate it to desired level with a single hand while your other hand is free. Quick, simple, and efficient.

Control knobs

Classic look for classy design.
The classic shape of the elegantly designed control knobs on the refined Infinity collection appliances is a true eye candy that will impress the nostalgic souls. In either nickel or copper finish, they elevate the appliance polished looks. Standing by behind the knobs is modern technology allowing comfortable control, and the ergonomic design takes care of pleasant grip and accuracy.
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Technical details


Knob shape: Ergonomic knobs

One-hand ignition device for hob

1 auxiliary burner + 1 double burner + 2 normal burners
Left front: Ø 6.9 cm, 1.9 kW,
Right front: Ø 4.4 cm, 1 kW,
Left rear: Ø 6.9 cm, 1.9 kW,
Right rear: Ø 13.2 cm, 3.5 kW

Type of pan support: Cast iron grid

Wok double burner

Wok burner

Enclosed nozzles: Gas nozzles G30/30 liquid gas

Enclosed nozzles: Gas nozzles G20/13 natural gas

Gas control

Gas type: G20/20 natural gas

Dimensions (W×H×D): 58 × 10.6 × 51 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 64 × 16 × 57 cm

Niche dimensions (WxHxD) (min-max): 55.8-56 × 10 × 49 cm

Net weight: 9 kg

Gross weight: 9.5 kg

Product code: 499866


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