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New generation of built-in hobs
We all want to cook like professionals, impress our guests and serve healthy meals to our families. Usually, this means special knowledge or professional equipment. Gorenje hobs are designed as easy-to-use tools that enable everyone to cook with great results. Induction hobs, HiLight hobs and gas hobs are all equipped with features that make cooking effortless.


An XXL surface, for super large pots and pans
XpandZone allows cooking on almost the entire surface of the induction hob. When the XpandZone mode is activated, the cooking zones on the left or right side of the hob are combined into one extra-large cooking zone. Combined cooking zones allow more space and freedom for cooking, space for larger cookware, or space for several smaller pots or pans that can be placed anywhere on the combined cooking zone.

PowerBoost Supreme

When in a hurry, don’t worry
PowerBoost Supreme provides extreme heat intensity to the pot and significantly cuts waiting time. It takes just 4.2 minutes to boil 2l of water, which is extremely time-efficient. This function is found in Superior models of Gorenje induction hobs.


A simple plan for super-sized pots
The induction hob with two connecting zones simplifies cooking in large-sized pots. Two separate cooking zones are bridged to form one with just a simple touch. Perfect for preparing bigger pieces of food and sides simultaneously.
Icon - High Efficiency Burners

High Efficiency Burners

Cook more with less gas
New highly efficient burners provide up to 10% more efficient gas consumption and enable faster and eco-friendlier cooking.
Icon - Wok burner

Wok burner

Genuine Asian taste, at home
The wok burners reach a high heat very quickly, making Asian style cuisine and meals in big pots easy.
Icon - PowerZone


This function will boost the HiLight cooking zone power by 25%, allowing you to cook much faster while using less power.

IQcook induction hob

Thanks to the cooperation between IQ sensor on the lid and the sensor inside the induction bottom of the IQcook, you are able to cook completely automatically. Wireless communication between the pot and the hob actually controls the procedure, providing fully automatic cooking.
Icon - IQsimmer


A cooking marathon, made incredibly easy
IQpro offers a simple way to prepare dishes that require longer cooking times with slow warming up or cooking at a lower, constant temperature. Ideal for cooking dishes such as goulash.
Icon - IQpoach


Exactly the right temperature
IQpoach keeps the temperature between 71 and 85°C and prevents overcooking. Food retains its natural colour, juices and flavour. The specific and constant temperature is ideal for recipes such as poaching an egg.
Icon - IQgrill


Perfectly grilled steak
IQcook makes grilling thrillingly simple, even with very little or no oil. It offers three levels of doneness and prevents food from burning. A simple way to the tastiest and healthiest barbecue ever.
Icon - IQboil


No drop leaves the pan
Fast water boiling and constant temperature maintaining can happen without a drop being boiled over. Feel free to watch TV and relax, because your kitchen is safe and sound.
Icon - IQsteam


Vitamins stay in
Cooking with a small quantity of water preserves vitamins, minerals and natural colour of vegetables. Believe it or not, all it takes to prepare 1kg of vegetables is 0,5dl of water.

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